FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy the products of Health Care Products?

All of our products are available from any pharmacy in Europe: all you need is the product’s unique PZN number (Pharmazentralnummer, i.e. ‘pharmacy central number’) which appears in the product descriptions. The pharmacy will then be happy to order the required products for you via their wholesalers. Online pharmacies also stock our products.


Where are the products made?

Our products are all made in Europe, with 95% produced right here in Germany. It is extremely important to us to support local businesses. Additionally, “Made in Germany” is recognised internationally as a sign of quality – especially in the pharmaceutical and natural cosmetics sectors. This is why we have been working together for decades with selected production partners from Germany. The good personal contacts that develop from this are also one of the reasons for the huge enjoyment we get from our work.


Where do the raw materials come from?

Our certified honey comes from the famous Cologne company Honig Müngersdorff.

The origin of the manuka honey is New Zealand. “The naturally occurring methylglyoxal is the special factor in manuka honey,” (Prof. Dr. T. Henle, TU Dresden), which is why we use this special honey. You can find very useful information on manuka honey online, such as in Wikipedia.

Our organic beeswax (propolis) is sourced via the company Kahlwax and from selected organic beekeepers who have their wax inspected to ensure there are no residues. We only use analysed, residue-free propolis.


How do you assure the quality of your raw materials and products?

All of our raw materials are certified. Manufacturing contracts are only awarded to ISO-/IFS-certified companies. Our products are subject to extensive testing by institutes such as the BAV Institute.


Have your products been tested or won awards?

Our PROPOLIS PURE Lip Care Stick is the first certified propolis lip balm stick in the world. It was awarded the quality mark “certified natural cosmetic” from the BDIH, the Federation of German Industrial Companies and Trading Firms. Test results in various specialist publications are consistently positive.


Is any animal testing involved in your products?

All of our cosmetic and health care products involve no animal testing and were developed in-house.


Are the products of Health Care Products suitable for all skin types / everyone?

Yes, our products are suitable for all skin types, with particular benefits for very dry skin (parchment skin). For diabetics or the elderly, we recommend our Propolis Skin Balm 50 ml, for example. It is very beneficial for dry areas on the shin and calf. The precious jojoba oil included in this balm and its organic beeswax both make your skin noticeably supple while also contributing to replenishment of the skin’s natural oil.


Are the products suitable for use by people with allergies?

Our propolis products should not be used by anyone with an allergy to tree resin. People who react to bee products should be careful when using our products.


Can I use these products during my pregnancy?

ince our cosmetics and health care products are natural products, they can be used during your pregnancy without any worry. One exception is the Propolis drops with alcohol – expectant mothers are advised to avoid these.
A little tip for when your child comes into the world: our son grew up with our products. For example, when he was teething we rubbed our Propolis drops without alcohol into the affected areas. That helped him a lot, and there have been no strange wing-growing side effects!


How do you choose your packaging, with regards to the environment and sustainability?

Wherever possible we use packing material from renewable resources. For example, our green packing material is made out of compostable cellulose. All of our POS stands and hanging packs are made of recyclable corrugated cardboard.