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Propolis Balm Stick

UVP: 4,95 €
Size: 4,8 g
PZN: 00088727

Our Original Propolis Lip Balm Stick soothes and relaxes your lips, protecting them from harmful environmental factors. It also provides UVA / UVB protection.

Propolis Lip Balm Jar

UVP: 5,50 €
Size: 5 ml
PZN: 04916954

This soothing balm is one of the real favourites in our range. The natural ingredients have proven to be very beneficial for dry and chapped lips. No colours or preservatives.

Propolis Balm Tube

UVP: 5,95 €
Size: 10 ml
PZN: 07547061

Our Propolis Balm has a special tube opening designed for easy, accurate application and spreading on your lips, as well as on other small areas of irritated skin. The sophisticated recipe includes valuable natural ingredients, including propolis and pure jojoba oil. This helps prevent your skin from drying out quickly and gives the balm a very silky feel.

Propolis Pure Lip Care Stick

UVP: 5,95 €
Size: 4,8 g
PZN: 06681917

Even the bees are astonished! Our PROPOLIS PURE Lip Care Stick has been awarded the quality mark “certified natural cosmetic” from the BDIH, the Federation of German Industrial Companies and Trading Firms. The balm is easy to apply to your lips and forms the perfect ‘foundation’ for lipstick. It contains no artificial colours, perfumes or preservatives.

Propolis Pure Skin Balm Jar

UVP: 12,95 €
Size: 50 ml
PZN: 09262090

This skin balm provides excellent holistic skin care, especially for skin that tends to dry out easily, with its selected natural active ingredients. Refatting substances prevent your skin from drying out again, and a high proportion of organic beeswax enhances the protection it provides. The skin balm contains no artificial perfumes or preservatives.

Propolis Sun Lip Balm Stick

UVP: 3,95 €
Size: 4,8 g
PZN: 03266359

Our sunscreen specialist takes the proven properties of our other lip care sticks and adds the enhanced protection and care which will shield your lips in strong sunlight, making it suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing or a day at the beach. Its SPF20 rating meets Colipa requirements for balanced UVA / UVB protection. The stick is manufactured using plant-based oils and waxes, with the addition of Vitamin E.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm Jar

UVP: 5,95 €
Size: 5 ml
PZN: 09262109

Our Manuka Honey Lip Balm offers you natural lip care of the highest quality. The beneficial properties of organic beeswax and the unique anti-bacterial effect of manuka honey (10 to 20 times stronger than any other honey) combine to ensure your lips remain noticeably soft.

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