This is us

How it all began

Designing products is my passion. My studies and many years of professional experience in product management have given me the confidence to create my own products with health benefits. Networking with experts has made it possible for me to introduce truly innovative products onto the market. I am very proud of this and grateful to everyone who contributed.

From a family of beekeepers

I’m happy that in my early years my father and grandfather had already shown me the astonishing world of bees and their creations, although, admittedly, there were occasions when I would have rather been playing with my friends. The knowledge I gained then is still something I rely on when developing my natural products today.

Our company philosophy

Manufacturing “Honest Products” is our credo. Here our main focus is on the wonderful active substances from the world of bees, which we carefully integrate into our cosmetic and health care products.

The Team

„Henry Ford recognised that if we all work together, success is guaranteed. It is amazing that we have such an excellent team at Health Care Products, as well as fantastic, smooth-running collaborative arrangements with our long-term partners.“

Betsy Eysel // Managing Director

„Creating products which we love and enjoy selling means we keep rediscovering our passion for our work!“

Bernd Uwe Hellwich // Founder & Product Developer

„Happiness is being able to do what I enjoy! I realise the truth of this every day during my work at Health Care Products.“

Aniko Drozdik // Sales

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